Arrival: Llandudno

July 10, 2012

Our arrival in Llandudno was accompanied by the magnificent town band  led by Clive Wooldendale (who managed to out dress the captain with his chainmail epaulets no less!) and Dawns i Bawb’s 400 strong fleet of school children from schools all over the borough.

While the weather was unkind, the welcome on the prom was incredibly warm. A fact borne out by the nearly 30 volunteers who stepped in to pull the plane when we needed them most. A huge thank you to every one of them, young and old. Without their generosity of spirit, and elbow grease, the plane would still be sat at the wrong end of the prom!

Thanks too to our community reporters: Toni, Craig and Gareth who braved the weather to give us their take on the procession.

Here’s today’s programme

Tuesday 10th July

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