September 2013 | Llandundo Arts Weekend No1 : Commissioned by Mostyn Estates and Mostyn

September 2013 | Llandudno Arts Weekend No1 : Commissioned by Mostyn Estates and Mostyn

LLAWN01 was a micro-festival conceived and curated by Rees. It  rediscovered and commemorated Llandudno’s somewhat concealed past in a unique way; via art, artefact, architecture, action/interaction and participation. The result, over one packed weekend was an extraordinary array of multi-disciplines and locations, incorporating buildings (usually off limits to the public); the pavement; the promenade; the pier; bathing machines; empty shops; galleries; chapels ; the camera-obscura (which we reopened for the festival ) and further nooks and crannies. At its heart, LLAWN01 was a celebration of Llandudno and its surroundings through the objects and buildings that formulated the rural and urban fabric of its origins. It shed light on relinquished spaces, resurrected an iconic portable Victorian structure, and re-positioned them in a contemporary and socially interactive context.

Rees also curated LLAWN 02+ 03

Creative Producer : Christine Matthews Sheen

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