The return of Margot the great

May 6, 2012

Having woken up with a swollen eye and a small cut due to falling over my suitcase in the dark, crashing into the trouser press cum ironing board (left up) ripping it off the wall and landing my face on the iron….it wasn’t exactly a promising start to my 5 day vist to Llandudno…..but I soldiered on and helped Carwyn set up for the beginning of his Cysgod residency on the prom and volunteered to be the first test portrait. Fortunately the weather was mostly sunny but with a very cold breeze, I left Carwyn with his capable assistant Antonia Dewhurst to cajole passes by to stand for 5 mins and face the lively sea.

Then went to welcome Cai Tomos at the station, bang on his arrival a youth marching band clad in full toy soldier regalia struck up a tune. Perfect timing.

Our aim that day was to revisit the concept behind A solo for Margot as Margot had pulled out of performing, we decided to carry on as it could still be a solo for her but with only Cai dancing, he would ‘channel’ Margot as after all he had been working with her for once a month for whole year. It was clear that before we could formulate a new framework for the solo we needn’t to know if Margot would at least be willing to be present in the plane, as her magnetic charisma would be key. So Cai called and arrange to meet, she came and gladly agreed to still participate (phew what a relief) this momentous news triggered us to map out the whole structure of the piece in the afternoon and renewed our passion for a solo that could become very special indeed.

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