May 2023 // Comssioned by Aberystwyth Arts Centre with funding from Arts Council of Wales, Aberystwyth University,Welsh Government Heritage Fund,Tŷ Cerdd, Cronfa Aber Fund, British Council, Colwinston Trust.

ABERETWM – As time slips a legend awakes, cultivated a celebration of Aberystwyth Arts Centre’s 50th anniversary and the town’s unique creative DNA by subverting an ancient local myth and reimagining it as a cross-art form , site-responsive performance. It overlayed forgotten heritage with contemporary issues to illuminate a pathway to a positive future.

ABERETWM took audiences on a multi-narrative journey across the town centre – from the Castle, the prom and the pavements to the concrete steps of the Arts Centre and its interior. Ending with an all-day creative takeover entitled COP/A, which culminated in the immersive concerto Aber Yr Aberoedd.