Shifting top soil

October 11, 2011

A number of artists have now commenced the groundwork in all of the ADAIN AVION nesting sites; the incubation period has begun.

Owen Griffiths’ project has well and truly kicked off to a great start. Vetch Veg utilises unused land to grow vegetables, transforming part of the former Swansea City football ground into an edible garden. It involves residents, community groups and individuals including local schools, Chinese elders, the cub scouts a local chip shop and Swansea Prison.
On Saturday Sept 17th a small but dedicated group of locals of all ages (and me) met on site and pitched in; shifting top soil to fill the raised beds whilst the kids numbered the old scaffolding planked sides as tea was made in Owens camper van. For the first day on site a lot was achieved, beds allocated and spirits high albeit with achy arms from wheel barrowing.
Despite heavy rain on Saturday Sept 24th the official open day was well attended, rousing speeches given by Sybil Crouch (Director of Taliesin who are leading Vetch Veg) and Councilor Allan Lloyd (also a Sandfields resident), more beds were built, a strawberry patch planted and ideas discussed for the events over the next few weeks. Tea, coffee, and delicious homemade scones (by Rhian Jones) were served in the Salvation Army Hall and keys to the Patch distributed.
Since then the weather has been unseasonably glorious so a lot has been planted, even sunflowers magically grown and the seeds of a wonderful project well and truly sown.

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